October 5, 2015

Hi Everyone - WOW, WOW and WOW !
Please excuse me for getting this newsletter out a few days late, but we've been entertaining our VIT's (very important tatters).
Fringe weekend on September 25 and 26 was truly an awesome event with the most amazing teachers 'in the house'. I can't begin to express how wonderful it was to have Judith Connors from Australia, Jane Eborall, Jennifer Williams and Heather Lickley from England, Georgia Seitz from Illinois, Kaye Judt from Indiana and our very own Vicki Clarke, Norm Reid, Nathalie Vacaresse and Brenda Franklin and Ietje Jackovich present. They all taught classes that you had to be there to experience. They all made our 10th year an event to remember. Thank you all and thank you to the participants who traveled a great distance as well - from Denmark, 10 States and 3 Canadian provinces.

Almost everyone is safely home now with special memories and new friends to keep in touch with.

So how do we follow up next year after such an incredible event? We are going to start by asking if any of you out there who receive this newsletter is interested in teaching for us next year. September 2016 seems a long way away, but if you would like to teach on the September 23 & 24, send us a note with your ideas and we'll begin to consider our new line up.

Commemorative Calendars

If you didn't get a chance to attend this year, we have some fabulous 15 month calendars featuring 15 tatting designers. The cost of the calendar is $20.00 plus $5.00 for postage and handling. Send your request in to our gmail account before they're all gone.

New Exchange

It's time for the last exchange of 2014. We've had a lot of fun with our Tools of the Trade and it has been requested by several people to finish off with a 'lanyard' that can hold some of your tools. This would need to be long enough to go over your head and have some sort of clasp (ring, lobster claw) to hold your 'tools'.
If you are interested in joining this exchange, please send a NEW email to the Fringe gmail account to let us know no later than October 14.
A quick response by October 17 will inform you of your recipient.
All completed lanyards need to be in the hands of your 'partner' no later than December 31, 2015. Please start tatting right away if you are going to join us.

Upcoming Events

As Fall settles in up here in Ontario, it is sad to see most of the tatting events coming to an end for this year. However, if you are going to be in the Greenfield area of Indiana the weekend of November 12, 13 & 14 - ZigZag Corner will be presenting their 15 th annual tat days. For more information please contact: www.zigzagcorner.com

Thank you for being so supportive of the Fringe Tatters. Without you we wouldn't be here.

Happy Tatting


July 1, 2015

Hi Everyone - the excitement continues to mount for our tatting weekend on Sept 25 & 26 in Cambridge Ontario, Canada The world is literally coming to share this event with us. As well as teachers, we also have participants travelling from 3 countries off the continent, 9 States and 3 provinces ! We do hope you've made plans to join us for this 10th year celebration which promises
to be a one of a kind event.
Many of the classes are nearing capacity, in fact some classes are already full. So if you want to have a chance to learn from our elite roster of mentors, please go to: www.FringeTatters.ca, and you'll find information about all of the classes, availability, photos and the registration form.
Summer Exchange
Thanks to Christine in Pennsylvania for suggesting this idea. Continuing with the theme Tools of the Trade, this exchange will be to create a motif suitable
for a pin cushion.
Because of the cost of postage, you can simply send the motif, make an
unstuffed pin cushion to go with it or stuff and decorate the pin cushion
and send it on its way.
Please respond to our gmail address with the word EXCHANGE in the
subject line if you wish to participate.
(do not 'reply' as that sends the whole e-news back to us and
sometimes gets lost)
You need to respond before July 11, 2015.
Your recipient's name will be e-mailed to you by July 18, 2015.
Your pincushion motif needs to arrive at its destination no later than
September 30 or could be brought with you to the Cambridge event. (we'll
let you know if your 'partner' will be in attendance that weekend)
Other Tatting Events
Also in September, please don't forget about:
The Palmetto Tatter's event 'Tatting Angels Among Us' to be held on
September 4 & 5, 2015 in Toccoa, Georgia.
Details on tatting events and Drop-Ins in the Niagara, London and
Toronto areas can be found at:
Please note: in July the London group will be meeting in Ingersoll.
Want to help us spread the word about the Fringe and our tatting events?
Summer fairs and festivals provide a great opportunity to demonstrate
tatting and help to promote your local groups. Let us know if you
could use some Fringe flyers or business cards and we will email you
the .pdf.
It's now summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter for our friends
'down Under'.
Enjoy the hours these seasons provide to tackle those UFO's, pull out
that project you've always wanted to do or return to a favourite
Just tat !
Hope to see YOU in September
the Fringe


April 1, 2015

Hi Everyone - Happy International Tatting Day !
Hopefully the weather is finally beginning to settle down where you are. It was a very snowy, cold winter here in Eastern Canada and a very hot summer 'down under' for our Australian members.
However, the weather was lovely for Ruth Perry's first Sunshine State Tat weekend in Tampa, Florida and next year, she's hoping to have even more attendees. Ruth will soon be accepting teacher applications for next year's January event. The theme will be: Gasparilla - a Pirate Celebration in Tampa.
A large contingent of Fringe members is planning to head south next week for the Finger Lakes Tatting weekend April 10 - 12. It's not too late to attend if you're going to be in the area. See below for contact information. It's a great weekend and a wonderful way to start your Spring tatting.
My apologies to the needle tatters out there before I start !
This idea came from Bev, one of our Australian members. She said she keeps wanting to make a decorative tatted piece for her 'specs' case where she keeps some of her tatting. Keeping in mind that the theme is Tools of the Trade, we all use different 'containers' to store our work and tools.
So for this exchange - the item is to be made is a shuttle shaped motif suitable to add to a workcase, a piece of clothing or to simply admire ! To help 'customize' these, please include your favourite colour when you sign up for this exchange.
Dates - requests to be in this exchange are due by April 10 - simply send a new e-mail to the Fringe with the word EXCHANGE in the subject line. Please also remember to update us with any change of address.
Your recipient's name and address will be sent to you by April 15
All tatted pieces need to be at their destination no later than June 30
If you have an idea for an exchange, please don't be shy about sharing it !
Upcoming Tatting Events
We are getting ready for a very special gathering of the Fringe on September 25 & 26 in Cambridge ON. Not only are our teachers travelling from Australia and England to join us, but we've been told some of our Danish members will be attending. Please plan to come and celebrate our 10th year which will be truly international. It will be an event to remember. Judith Connors, Jane Eborall, Kaye Judt, Georgia Seitz, Jennifer Williams and our wonderful local tatting teachers will be here.
Look for the registration form at www.fringetatters.ca in late May and remember it will be first come, first serve for class choices.
The Finger Lakes tatting weekend is April 10 - 12 - information is available from Karey Solomon at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on their website: www.fingerlakestatting.com.
In the Spokane WA area, the Shuttlebirds are hosting their event on April 17 & 18, 2015. Their theme is "A Touch of Victorian Charm".
The Great Lakes Lace Group will present their Spring Fling – A Lace Celebration in Dearborn Michigan on May 29, 30 & 31, 2015. You can contact them at: www.gllgi.org or http://www.gllgi.org/events.html
The Palmetto Tatter's event 'Tatting Angels Among Us' will be held on September 4 & 5, 2015 in South Carolina.
Remember more details on these events and Drop-Ins in the Niagara, London and Toronto areas can be found at: www.fringetatters.ca/tat-days/tatting-drop-ins/
It's wonderful that more tatting opportunities are coming to our attention and we're happy to pass along the information.
Please support your local events and let us know if you hear of more.
Happy tatting !
The Fringe


January 2015

We are so excited because it's now officially 10 years since we began the Fringe - well almost, the Fringe was actually established in the summer of 2005.
Plans are well underway for this year's event in Cambridge and are we thrilled to announce some of our very special guest teachers who are travelling great distances to join us and share their knowledge with you.
Coming from Australia: Judith Connors, international author of several tatting books including the Dictionary of Tatting.
Joining us from England are: Jane Eborall - whose website inspires tatters world wide AND
Jennifer Williams - the current chair of The Ring of Tatters and designer of their pattern pages.
Travelling up from southern Illinois is our good friend Georgia Seitz who was with us our very first year !
We will also have our local teachers and other inspiring mentors who will help to make this a truly memorable weekend. Details will be available in late Spring for all the classes.
We thought we'd let everyone know about our special line up as this year begins in case you'd like to make your holiday plans around a trip to Cambridge to meet these wonderful teachers.
Mark your calendar for September 25 & 26 and please consider attending.
The other big news is this year's theme - Tools of the Trade. How important are our shuttles and needles and all those other items in our tatting basket to us ?? Throughout this year, the 4 exchanges will be to make items that hopefully will prove to be useful additions to your tatting 'kit'.
The first exchange will be to create a tatted SCISSOR FOB. This can be any shape or colour but needs to be a good size with a loop to go through a scissor handle so it is easy to locate. They can have beads, a metal clip or just be a cord loop - time to get inventive !
Dates for this exchange:
Please send a new e-mail to the Fringe with the word EXCHANGE in the subject line no later than January 9 if you wish to participate and can meet the final deadline.
Your recipient's name will be e-mailed to you by January 15.
All scissor fobs must be in the recipient's hands no later than March 31 (plan to mail yours by the beginning of March).
Upcoming Tatting events
The tatters in the Niagara Region are in the process of setting up regular meetings. Their next Drop-In is scheduled for Saturday January 10, 2015 from 1 - 4 pm at St. Luke's Church 245 Prospect Point Rd N, Ridgeway, ON (the corner of Prospect Point Rd and Disher St.) At that time there will be discussion of the best time and location for future gatherings.
Details on this and other Drop-Ins in the London and Toronto areas can be found at www.fringetatters.ca/tat-days/tatting-drop-ins/
Tired of winter ??? Ruth Perry is hosting a new event: Sunshine Tat Days in Tampa Florida on February 20 & 21, 2015. Information can be found at http://sunshinetatters.com/sunshine-tat-days/ Teachers include Ruth Perry, Leslie Baily, Karey Solomon and Shuttle Brother Randy Houtz.
The Finger Lakes Tatting Group's 17th annual tatting seminar will be held April 10 - 12, 2015 in Lodi New York. The theme this year is: "Lake, Sea and Shore".
Information will be available mid-January at: www.fingerlakestatting.com
The Shuttlebirds event will take place on April 17 & 18. 2015 in Spokane, Washington based on a theme of "A Touch of Victorian Charm"
The Palmetto Tatters will be hosting their event 'Tatting Angels Among Us' on September 4 & 5, 2015 in South Carolina.
It is exciting to see tatting events growing in number. If you live close to one of these events, please support them.
Tatting is NOT a dying art !
All the best for a happy, healthy and tatting filled New Year
The Fringe