October 2014

Hi Everyone - the weatherman certainly co-operated and gave us a spectacular weekend that brought tatters together in Cambridge for our annual tatting weekend. Once again, we had participants from as far away as England, Nova Scotia, New York, Ohio, Michigan and a wide area around southern Ontario. It is so good to see our friends who make the journey to join us.
And what a weekend it was! Some of the classes offered were: dragonflies, flying pigs, angels and owls, all paying tribute to this year's theme.
Our competition winner this year was Nathalie who created an amazing hot air balloon covered with tatting.
We had a special announcement to make, thanks to our bead teacher Brenda. There is a feature article about the Fringe Tatters in the summer issue of a A Needle Pulling Thread magazine. We were also very excited to see an article and original design by our expert needle tatting teacher Kelly included. The issue is still on the newstands if you'd like to have a look.
For the final Things With Wings Exchange we will be making Fanciful Flying Frivolite (french for tatting).
What does that bring to mind ??
It's a bird (we've done that), it's a plane (hmmmmm), it's super tatter coming up with some very creative ideas - mythical creatures, unicorns, maybe a dragon or a flying pig or even a space shuttle !
Time lines
Please send a response to the Fringe e-mail that you will participate no later than October 15.
You will receive your recipient's name by October 17.
Your item must be in the hands of your recipient no later than Dec 31, 2014 (not mailed on that date). So get started right away while you're waiting for further information.
Big Year Coming !
As winter and the holidays approach we'd like to make you all aware that next year the Fringe will be celebrating our 10th anniversary ! We are very excited to reach that milestone. There has been a lot of hard work put in behind the scenes by executive committee members over the years and we are appreciative of all that Rita, Sylvia, Susan, Ruth, Norm, Marg and Kelly have contributed. No group can survive without hard work and dedication, nor can we survive without our membership and each and every one of you is important to us. Please help us continue to spread the word about tatting and come to our events and participate in the exchanges and library drop-ins.
If you haven't had a chance to visit one of our tat weekends, we would love to see you next year. Circle September 25 & 26, 2015 on your calendar. We are already planning many special surprises.
Upcoming Events
Tatting Corner in Greenfield Indiana, will be hosting their tatting weekend Nov 6 - 8, 2015 featuring Marilee Rockley, Kaye Judt and several other wonderful teachers. For more information check: www.tattingcorner.com
It's been a busy year and next year we hope to continue growing.
Happy Tatting
the Fringe


June 21, 2014

Hi Everyone - this e-news is being sent to you a little sooner than normal because we're just so excited about some noteworthy things.
First of all, our registration package for this year's Fringe Tatters weekend is now available on-line at: www.fringetatters.ca. There are photos posted of most of the projects and we know it will be hard to choose.
There are classes to appeal to all skill levels of tatting and also non-tatting classes in beading and hardanger for those interested in a change of pace or for your non-tatting friends who might like to come along for the weekend. All are welcome.
Please have a look and send in your completed registration form soon to secure your spot as class sizes are limited.
As always there will vendors at the event to tempt you if your supply basket is looking sparse.
We have a really exciting milestone to share, this marks our 20th exchange ! Ever since January 2009, 100 people have participated. Some have participated only once and some have done all 19 exchanges to date ! In total there have been close to 400 items tatted and sent around the world to various parts of Canada, the US, England, Australia and Denmark and we're hoping to soon have some of the Japanese tatters join us as well.
Since you're receiving this e-mail a couple of weeks sooner than we'd normally send it, this might give you the added incentive to seriously consider tatting for this exchange. We are still adhering to our theme this year of Things With Wings and this time we're asking you to tat Bugs, Bees and Butterflies (your choice). We know how quickly a butterfly can be made and we're hoping that you will look for a complex pattern to challenge your skills. Never tried a bee? There are patterns using bauble tatting, an interesting technique shown in the new Houtz Bros. book. There are also patterns for 3-D critters but let's not scare anyone ! How about a tatting bug? Have you looked at Tatting Pattern Central or even on Pinterest at Tatted Bugs? There are so many ideas there to inspire.
Exchange Dates:
If you'd like to participate in this exchange, please send your name in a new e-mail to the Fringe with the word exchange in the subject line no later than July 5, 2014.
The name of your recipient will be sent to you by July 10.
All tatted items are to be in the hands of the recipient no later than September 30, 2014
Please don't wait, as soon as you decide to join the exchange, start tatting. Further information will accompany your recipient's name.
Other Events
The Palmetto Tatters event is on September 5 & 6, 2014. Their theme this year is: Tatting, Tea, and Toffee. For more details check: www.PalmettoTatters.org
Today marks the change of the season, so to our Northern Hemisphere tatters - Happy Summer and to those in the Southern Hemisphere - Happy Winter.
Enjoy your hours with shuttle or needle and thread.
The Fringe


April 1, 2014

Happy International Tatting Day everyone !
After a long, cold, miserable winter in southern Ontario and many other places, things are beginning to herald Spring. At the moment, a large contingent of Canadian Fringe members are packing supplies and getting ready to head across the border to the Finger Lakes Tatting weekend. The classes sound terrific and it's always such a great time to meet up with fellow tatters and renew acquaintances. We can't wait to get on the road !
Things with Wings exchange # 2
For this exchange, the item to make is a bird! There are so many possibilities: a bird native to where you live, whimsical birds, brightly coloured birds, birds in flight, birds at rest, birds with chicks on a nest. There are many options and so many wonderful patterns of birds available to tat.
If you are interested in participating in this exchange, simply send a NEW e-mail to the Fringe (please don't just hit reply or your request may go astray). Put the word 'exchange' in the subject line and send it by April 10, to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You will receive the name of your recipient by April 15.
All birds must have flown the coop and arrive at their destination NO LATER than June 30. Please don't sign up unless you are sure your bird will be winging its way to his/her new home by the deadline.
Other Events
The Toronto and London based library drop-ins continue to attract new people. We meet people who are curious, who've had relatives that used to tat or who did it once upon a time and want to get re-started. If you would like to set up a group in your area perhaps in a church, community centre or at the local library, we can give you some help with that. Just let us know by contacting us here at the Fringe.
Tatting Events
By the time you read this e-news, the Finger Lakes tatting seminar in Lodi, NY is literally a few days away on April 5 & 6. Possibly there's still a spot for you if you're in the area. Contact Karey Solomon at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If you're in the Spokane, Washington area on April 25 & 26, 2014 find out about their tat weekend, Tatting In Bloom at: www.shuttlebirds.com.
And this year the Palmetto tatters are hosting Tatting, Tea & Toffee on September 5 & 6, 2014. See: www.palmettotatters.org for information.
Our own Fringe event, Things With Wings will be our 9th annual Tat Weekend held on September 26 & 27 in Cambridge Ontario, Canada.
Information for our Fringe event will be available on our website www.fringetatters.ca in late May.
Share your love of Tatting! Show your work, show someone how to tat and keep striving to improve your own tatting.


January 01, 2014

Hi Everyone - Happy 2014 - may it be a year filled with wonderful surprises and a lot of time for tatting.
We would like to make a request to all of you who are members of the Ring of Tatters. In the Spring Newsletter 2013 - the Ring put forth a wonderful instruction booklet (thanks to Jennifer Williams) to make roses and buttons to display at Waddesdon Manor in England this year. The Ring put the call out to all members asking them to make the items shown to contribute to the display. The general public will be exposed to these items through the year and the bigger the display, the bigger the impact will be. If you haven't contributed your work to this event, we'd like to encourage you to put your best tatting forward to help the cause. There is a deadline, please check your newsletter.
For those of you who are not members of the Ring, you may find it worthwhile to join. You can check out their information on-line at: www.ringoftatters.org.uk/
Exchanges this year
Our theme this year is Things with Wings and each of the 4 exchanges will have specific 'winged' items to make spaced 3 months apart.
The exchange has grown and become international. Please consider participating often, it's so inspiring to receive work from other tatters. A very big thank you goes to those who act as liasons and make the job more manageable.
Exchange 1 - Angels and/or Fairies
We're starting this year off with angels and/or fairies. Pattern ideas are plentiful that can to be found on-line and there are many talented designers who have produced books full of patterns - Mark Myers, Debra Passinger, Christel Weidmann and Martha Ess to name a few.
Because of the international nature of the exchanges now, it is VERY important to make sure that if you make a commitment to this, that you have enough time to complete a project and ensure it arrives at its destination by the deadline.
Want to Participate?
Send a NEW e-mail with the word 'Exchange' in the subject line to the Fringe no later than January 10, 2014.
You will receive the name of the person you are tatting for by January 17.
Your item needs to be received by your recipient no later than March 31, 2014.
Tatting events
As we hear about tatting events, they will be posted on our website www.fringetatters.ca and listed in the newsletter.
Based on previous years, there are events in: upper New York State presented by the Finger Lakes Tatters in April, The ShuttleBirds in Spokane WA, also in April, and the Palmetto Tatters have their tat days in September.
As for the Fringe we're already in the planning stages for our 9th year and will host our event in Cambridge Ontario on Friday September 26 and Saturday September 27. Mark your calendar and plan to join us this year.
The Fringe wishes you many hours of tatting this year. All the best !