October 07, 2012

Hi Everyone - where shall we begin ???
What an amazing weekend we just experienced in Cambridge.
There were participants from Ontario (close to home) but also Nova Scotia, New York, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Florida ......... it was a wonderful gathering of friends from far and wide. The total number was close to 70 - we are growing!
There was plenty to eat and many creative classes. A huge thank you once again to all of our teachers .... Ruth Perry and Brenda Franklin were very happy that some of their students finished their project in class time ! no UFO's for those gals .......
It was also very interesting trying a non-tatting class that was the equivalent of a full day with the same teacher - we may try this again next year with a tatting class - of course we are always looking for suggestions and ideas to make our weekend 'bigger and better'. If you have ideas, we'd love to hear them.
A well deserved thank you, goes to our helpers who assisted when they saw the need - Sylvia, Vicki, Alison and Charmayne - we really appreciated your help.
We also had a big helping hand from Ginny as our auctioneer with Vicki assisting !!
We especially want to say thank you to all the participants who made ornaments for our tree for the auction. It was a sad looking bare tree on Friday, by Saturday it was decked out with an amazing array of sparkly and festive decorations.
The committee members - Susan, Ruth, Norm, Kelly and Marg are already in the initial stages of planning for next year's event to be held once again in Cambridge on September 27 & 28 2013 - mark your calendar and please plan to join us.
Final Exchange of 2012
The Knotty Tatters theme for the year is almost at an end ........ the last project is Bare Thread Tatting (aka mignonette). What can you make ??? ornaments, jewelry, small doilies ....... It is an interesting technique if you've never tried it before.
As we are entering into holiday season, I know people become pressed for time but I do hope you consider joining this exchange.
Let us know by October 12 if you wish to participate (send an e-mail with EXCHANGE in the subject line and just a short note)
You will receive the name of the person you will make something for by October 15.
All tatted items need to be in your recipient's mailbox NO LATER than December 31.
If you have any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. Any of you who attended tat weekend and haven't sent in your evaluation yet, please do - all input is helpful to us.
We'll be back with more news in January with a new theme for the year and 4 new exchanges to participate in.
Keep checking with the website: www.fringetatters.ca for information about library drop-in days and tat n' chats.
Until then - enjoy the many holidays for the remainder of the year and happy tatting.
The Fringe


July 01, 2012

Hi Everyone - it's hard to believe half the year is gone already! And Happy Canada Day to us !
Have you had a chance to look at the registration package for the Fringe Tat Weekend in Cambridge ON yet? We are very excited about our guest teachers and the great classes being offered on September 28 and 29, 2012. For pictures of class projects; the registration form and other information, please check: www.fringetatters.ca/tat-days. Remember space in classes is being limited, so send in your choices and cheque early to ensure your spot. We can't wait to see you there!
New Exchange
Who knew Josephine knots could be so entertaining? In the exchange we've just completed, people received - lavender bags, coasters, lilacs on a card, suncatchers and bookmarks. What a creative bunch we are! If you haven't participated in an exchange, please consider it. It's a wonderful way to share a piece of your tatting and it's so much fun to see what arrives and where it comes from. There are people taking part in these exchanges from across Canada, the States, England and Australia!
The new exchange is KNOTTY-cal tatting – okay so we have to use creative license here since this is our Knotty Tatting year.
The idea behind this exchange is to create something NAUTICAL, summery – think boats, beaches and the like.
Have you tried making jewelry? Maybe a brooch or earrings of an anchor or life ring would be fun to make. How about a card with a boat and seagulls, a summery scene – so many possibilities.
Recently in the Ring of Tatters newsletter, there were patterns for nautical things. Are you a member of RoT? Have a look at their website www.ringoftatters.org.uk for information about joining this very worthwhile organization. Their bi-annual news magazines have wonderful patterns.
Dates for this exchange:
Please let us know you are interested no later than July 15, 2012 (reply with a quick e-mail, 'exchange' in the subject line)
The person you will be tatting for will be sent to you by July 20, 2012.
All tatted items should be received no later than September 30, 2012.
Once you join an exchange, please start tatting any time after you've notified us of your interest.
Other Tatting Events
This year the Palmetto Tatters are celebrating their 10th year (congratulations!) and have some really interesting classes planned for September 7 and 8. Please check out their website for information: www.palmettotatters.org
And if you're around Greenfield, Indiana on November 17, 2012, their 12th annual Tat Day is being held at Tatting Corner. For information on their event please check: www.tattingcorner.com
That's all for now. Take your tatting out onto a deck, under a tree or to the beach (nautical inspiration there!) and enjoy.
The Fringe Tatters


April 01, 2012

Hi Everyone - Happy International Tat Day, we do hope you have some chocolate and your tatting close at hand today.
What an amazing time we had with the Hanky Panky exchange! Participation came from across Canada, the US, England (welcome Taunton Tatters) and the ladies in Australia (NSW and Queesnland). We had hoped our exchanges would become international and it seems to be working. The hankies received included: a first tatting attempt, a first prize winner, pieces that had been displayed, an antique and many plain or embroidered hankies with interesting tatted edgings. Well done and kudos to all. There are pictures of some of these treasures on our website if you'd like to look.
New Exchange
In keeping with this year's theme of Knotty Tatters - this exchange is entitled:
You can tat whatever appeals to you, but it MUST contain Josephine knots. If you have never tried them before, there are instructions on Jane Eborall's site (a treasure trove of goodies) www.e.n.e.btinternet.co.uk, OR in Judith Connor's, An Illustrated Dictionary of Tatting.
It's an easy technique. If you can make a double stitch, simply by repeating either the first or second half of the stitch, you've done it, really, try it, it gives an unexpected effect.
What to make? This is a challenge - it could be flowers or doodles on stationary. How about a love token that Napolean might have given to Josephine (ooh la la), maybe a little something to go on a keychain, or a bookmark...........
You must let us know by April 11 that you wish to join in. Send an e-mail back to us with the word EXCHANGE in the subject line. (please do NOT resend the whole newsletter back to us).
Your recipient's name will be sent to you by April 16. (after we get home from Lodi NY)
Deadline to get your item to your recipient is no later than June 30.
Think about participating - it IS fun.
Saying Goodbye
Over the winter, we have had to say farwell to 2 wonderful tatters.
Margeret Currie-Kirlis passed away in January. Margeret was diligent about finding and contacting tatters around the world and was instrumental in founding the Maple Leaf Tatters, based in Toronto in the 1990's. She was a member in good standing of many guilds and a very gifted lacemaker until arthritis forced her to put away her shuttles, bobbins and needles.
And the Tatting Goddess, Gina Brummett passed away in February. Gina had attended the Fringe both as a teacher and a participant. She was incredibly supportive of tatters everywhere and always had inspiring and unique ideas. All you had to do was follow her blog to marvel at her creativity.
Both of these talented women will be truly missed.
Library Drop-ins
In Toronto, we have secured a home every 4th Saturday of the month at the Long Branch Library in Etobicoke.
In London, a group meets at the Carson Library the first Tuesday evening and third Saturday afternoon of the month.
We are trying to establish get-togethers in the Ottawa area. If you are interested, please contact us.
Check the Tatting Drop-In page of our website http://fringetatters.ca/tat-days/tatting-drop-ins/ for further details.
Upcoming Events
Please keep in mind that attending a tat weekend is a wonderful way to meet new and old friends, be inspired, and to try new techniques. They are great retreats.
April 14 - 15 the Finger Lakes Tatting weekend in Lodi NY This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
April 20 - 21 the ShuttleBirds weekend in Spokane WA www.shuttlebirds.com
June 9, 2012 the Great Lakes Lacers are hosting a public demonstration "Love of Lace" in Livonia MI
September 8 - 9 the Palmetto Tatters in Toccoa GA www.palmettotatters.org
September 28 - 29 the Fringe Element Tatters weekend in Cambridge ON www.fringetatters.ca.
Please check the registration package on our website in May for our great lineup of teachers and classes.
Until next time - enjoy the day and happy tatting.
The Fringe


January 07, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone ! Here's to a fun-filled year of tatting.
Announcement - please note - there has been a change of date for our Cambridge tatting weekend - it will now be Friday September 28 and Saturday September 29, 2012.
Why not start saving and planning to attend now? We are working to get a fabulous line-up of teachers and classes for you.
Some people are not quite sure how these work. With the Fringe Exchanges, when you submit your name to participate, you go onto a list. You then receive something from the person who signed up just before or just after you. It's more like a loop than a direct 'you send to me / I send to you' exchange that people may be more familiar with. This is more interesting because you never know who will be sending something to you. Tatted items can arrive from England, Australia, the United States or Canada. And a little bird tells me that will be happening in this exchange!
We have found that people are THRILLED to receive tatted work and the items do not need to be big, we just ask that you stick to the 'topic'. This year we want to encourage people to extend their skills in the exchanges. We are quite happy to have you tat a pattern you have found on the internet or from a favourite book or even try tatting an original design. But most of all, we want you to participate.
If you have any questions, you can always send us an e-mail or check www.fringetatters.ca/exchanges/ for more information and pictures of items that have been received.
This year the Fringe's theme is KNOTTY TATTERS - we've decided to have some fun with wordplay. Our tat weekend in September will have classes focused on this theme and our 4 exchanges this year will be knotty too but clean please! Each exchange this year will span a 3-month time frame. It is important if you want to join in, that you notify us right away so you don't forget and miss the fun.
In our Favourite Decoration/Ornament exchange that just wrapped up (oooh !) there were snowflakes, a keychain, a stocking, an angel, a star and even a tatted ribbon decoration.
Exchange #1 for 2012 - HANKY PANKY !
For this exchange the challenge is to create a border around a hanky - it doesn't have to be a papa sized hanky and it doesn't need to have a wide tatted border, you can use a small piece of fabric if you wish with a simple edging. You could also check out a local antique shop, they often have hankies with no edging (so sad) or you might find one with a tatted border. If you are lucky to find a gem like that, then you could tat a motif to fit into a corner and send that to your recipient to honour the hard work of a tatter we will never know.
If you wish to join into this exchange, please send your name NO LATER than January 14.
You will receive the name of the person who you will send your hanky to by January 20.
Your hanky with a tatted border and/or motif MUST be received by your recipient NO LATER than March 30.
When you join, please just send a short response to this gmail address with the word EXCHANGE in the subject line. If you have changed your address let us know as well, so your item arrives at the correct location.
Library Drop-Ins
We have been very pleased with the number of people that have come out to our Toronto and London library drop-ins. We are seeing new people all the time who are interested in learning and sharing. Please check www.fringetatters.ca/tat-days/tatting-drop-ins/ for upcoming dates.
Saturday January 14 there will be a drop-in at the Long Branch Library Toronto.
The following Saturday January 21 there will be a drop-in at Carson Library London.
Please plan to join us or let us know if you want to get a group going in your area. We know Murray has things happening in Peterborough and Bruce out in Nanaimo BC and there is interest for a group in the Ottawa area.
Upcoming Tatting Weekend
For those of you who have never attended the Finger Lakes Tatters weekend, we can highly reccomend it. A wonderful weekend of tatting and friendship await you in New York State. This year the weekend will be held April 13 - 15 in Lodi. If you would like a copy of the registration information, please contact Karey Solomon at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
And as always, if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.
Have a wonderful knotty year of tatting fun in 2012.
The Fringe