October 16, 2011

Hi everyone - WOW - what a weekend we had in Cambridge on September 23 &24 - we had a record number of attendees. We met lots of new people, some from as far away as Nova Scotia and Chicago! Many of our friends from previous years returned and a good time was had by all. The group was very impressed with the competition winner Mary F., she added a lobster to the top of her hat. It was great fun tatting all those 'favourite things' - gingerbread men, bees, ornaments, angels ....
We have a growing group of needle tatters in our midst and have left handed tatters too.
Next year's dates are September 21 & 22, 2012. It seems a long way away but it's time to start saving those pennies so you can join us. Next year's competition is 3 mini Christmas Balls
(approx 1.25" in diameter) - start coming up with ideas !
Ideas Please
During Fringe weekend, we distributed a survey sheet to get ideas and feedback. This is not restricted to participants. We have posted a copy of the survey at www.FringeTatters.ca .
and would appreciate your thoughts so we can meet people's expectations at events.
If you have any ideas for teachers, techniques, length of classes, venue or other related things - PLEASE send them to us. We know we need more space - we were happily surprised with our very large turnout this year.
Tatting Drop-Ins
Toronto - November 5, 2011 1 - 4 at Long Branch Library
London - November 19, 2 - 4 at Carson Library
Details for these are on our website, check: http://fringetatters.ca/tat-days/tatting-drop-ins/
If you haven't come out for an afternoon at a drop-in - try it, you might find you enjoy it as we do. These are great opportunities to meet other tatters in your area and share ideas.
If you are interested in starting a drop-in in your area and want help, please ask us. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Exchange - My Favourite Decoration
It's time for the last tatting exchange of the year. Keeping with our theme of Favourite Things - this exchange will give you the chance to tat your favourite ornament. It could be something that hangs in a window, or on a tree or has a little sparkle in it to cheer up the gloomy months ahead. You can even go 3-D if you wish.
Dates to keep in mind:
 By October 25, send in your intention to participate and complete an item. You can start working on your item any time.
 By October 31, we will send you the name of the person you are tatting for, watch out for the ghosts and goblins that day !
 By December 31, your item must arrive at your recipients home, earlier if you wish.
If you are going to participate - send an e-mail back to this gmail address and put the word EXCHANGE in the subject line. (please delete all the other newsletter text before you hit send)
As we settle in for colder weather (warmer for our friends Down Under) - keep the shuttles and needles busy.
Happy Tatting from the Fringe


August 23, 2011

Hi Everyone .......
Tat Weekend 2011
Well it's getting closer !!!! Have you registered for the September 23 & 24 Fringe Tatting Weekend in Cambridge, Ontario yet ????
Our theme this year is 'My Favourite Things" and going to tatting events is definitely on my list of favourite things. They offer an opportunity to meet new tatters and renew friendships, peruse the vendors tables and learn new things. We really hope you can join us. If you haven't seen the registration package yet, please go to: http://fringetatters.ca/tat-days/ . You can also see photos of the inspiring class projects there.
Remember the deadline to register is September 9 and you can also send your membership heart in with your cheque and class choices.
Bloggers : The Fringe would appreciate it if those of you with Tatting blogs could mention our event. We need to get the word out there about all tatting related events.
Other Tatting Events
Nine tatters attended the July 24 Tat 'n Chat in London, Ontario hosted by Deana and her Mom. We worked on split chains (using Dani Rotach's practice piece developed for "Hector" a few years ago), saw a lovely tatted motif for a wedding book and were excited to meet Jennine and see her designs.
The group is keen to meet on a more regular basis, so plans are in the works for a Tatting Drop-In at Carson Library. We'll update the website http://fringetatters.ca/tat-days/tatting-drop-ins/ and send a reminder email when plans are finalized.
On August 20, a group of members came to the Etobicoke Long Branch library drop-in for an afternoon of show and tell and idea sharing. We are hoping to have the next library drop-in in late October for those in the Toronto area (visitors are always welcome).
It's great to see these tat days and drop-ins continuing to be successful and drawing more interest.
If you would like to start a casual group, check with local libraries and community centres, post a flyer and be amazed at the tatters who come out.
Car Pool to Cambridge
At the drop-in last weekend interest was expressed about possibly setting up a car pool to get people to Cambridge for tat weekend. If you are interested in driving or being a passenger, please let us know and we'll get you in touch with each other. No promises, no guarantees but if your are willing, send us an e-mail with 'car pool' in the subject line.
Palmetto Tat Days
We would like to wish our fellow tatters in the Southern States a wonderful time at their Palmetto tat weekend also on September 23 and 24. If you haven't checked out their class offerings please go to www.palmettotatters.org.
It's exciting to know we have both sides of the border covered with tatting !
Tatting Exchange
The current exchange is just wrapping up. The participants received a favourite motif from their partner in their chosen colour. There are a lot of blue tatters out there !
Do you have a great idea for the next tatting exchange ? This will be the last of the favourite things this year - we've done snowflakes, spring things and coloured motifs. What would you like to tat ? Please send your ideas and the next exchange will be organized toward the end of September to be completed mid-December.
As always, comments and ideas are appreciated. Keep showing your work and generating interest and be proud of what you do !
Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and keep those shuttles humming.
The Fringe


June 01, 2011

Hi Everyone ......
Fall Into Tatting Weekend 2011
It's finally ready! The registration form for the September 23 and 24, Fall Into Tatting weekend in Cambridge Ontario can be found at : http://fringetatters.ca/tat-days/ . .. have a look, download a copy, choose your classes and send it in - we can't wait to see you! Bring your friends - spread the word...... but please plan to come and join us.
Library Drop-In
We are hoping to have another tatting drop-in at the Eatonville Library in Etobicoke, ON, on Sunday June 5 .... please check www.fringetatters.ca before you come. We are still awaiting confirmation at this late date and may have to move it until June 12.
Gathering Threads in London, ON
We’d like to thank all of you who stopped by our display at Gathering Threads in London May 13 and 14. Over the 2 days, Carlene, Deana, Ellan, Lorraine, Margaret, Nancy, Robert, Sylvia and Susan took turns demonstrating both shuttle and needle tatting, and handed out many membership hearts to inspire new tatters. It was encouraging to see how quickly people learned to “flip” the knot. People shared many wonderful memories about tatted treasures created by ancestors.
For a great story about tackling that BIG project go to: http://fringetatters.ca/2011/05/
Finger Lakes Tatting Weekend
The Finger Lakes Tatting Group hosted another fabulous tat weekend at the beginning of April. There were a lot of great classes with inspiring teachers; vendors offering too much temptation; and delicious food to meet all manner of appetites. Many of the projects focused on practicing split rings with an overall Garden Theme. A beautiful embroidered and tatted table square was auctioned off and came back to Canada - thank you Karey Solomon and committee for another successful respite for the tatting soul.
Tatting Exchanges
A small number of people participated in the Favourite Thing about Spring Exchange and some very impressive items were received - a flowering cherry tree, book marks, Easter eggs and bunnies, Kokopelli (heralding Spring), butterflies, flowers, birds and ladybugs, even a wooden Easter 'thingie'.........
Now it's time for the: Twice The Favourite Tatting Exchange
This exchange will be a little different. When you let us know that you want to participate this time, include your own favourite colour. This will be sent to your exchangee who will make one of their favourite tatted items (motifs) in your colour and send it to you (the best of both favourites). Please make sure that you have access to various coloured threads for this exchange.
A favourite motif can be coaster sized or larger. For awhile I was having fun experimenting with shuttle shaped motifs. This could even be something that could be sewn onto a garment or be put in a frame and admired. As always be creative!
The dates for this exchange are:
Send in your request to participate (along with your favourite colour) by: June 10.
You will receive the name of your exchangee by: June 15.
Your tatted item must be received by your exchangee by: August 15 (2 months to tat!).
When you reply to join the exchange, please just send a quick reply with EXCHANGE in the subject line.
We're growing ! Exciting news that our membership has continued to expand all over the world ! We now have members in Canada (of course), the US (even Alaska), England, Australia and most recently India. If you have friends who would like to become members, please pass along information about the Fringe.
We hope to hear from you soon with your registrations for September's event and requests to participate in this new exchange.
Enjoy the summer months and don't forget to spend some time with your favourite shuttles (and needles !)
The Fringe


March 06, 2011

Hi Everyone - well the groundhog promised an early Spring - I'm still waiting !!!!!
A Call for Membership Hearts
In the last newsletter, we made an appeal to get your membership up-to-date by sending in a small tatted heart. Thank you to those who did and especially to Kelly who sent in 100! The hearts are needed for events such as Gathering Thread.
The membership chair is still waiting for your heart !!!!! Stuck for a pattern?
There are instructions for several hearts at: www.FringeTatters.ca/membership/
Gathering Thread - May 12 - 15, 2011
The Canadian Embroiderer's Guild in London ON is marking it's 40th anniversary with a
multi-disciplinary Celebration of Fibre and Community. Visit their website www.ceglondon.com for details. Planned activities include: 3-day workshops in a variety of fibre techniques; exhibitions; and a wearable-art fashion show, sale and dinner. They will also have an area open to the public for vendors, displays and demonstrations from other fibre groups. This is where you'll find The Fringe. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in helping man our display on the Friday or Saturday. We hope to generate a lot of interest in tatting that weekend by using your membership hearts to inspire others to tat.
Local Library Drop-In
Fringe member Charlene arranged with a local library in the West-end of Toronto to use their community room for a tatting drop-in on Sunday February 27. It was wonderful to have a baker's dozen turn out for an afternoon of sharing resources and learning about each other's projects. We hope the drop-ins will become a regular event and have tentatively set the next date for Sunday April 17. These are open to all those who are interested. Firm dates will be posted on the website. ALL are welcome.
If you would like to arrange a similar drop-in where you live, check with your library or local community centre, post some information and see who comes out - you might be able to get something going where you live. We know there are groups in Peterborough, ON and Nanaimo BC already doing this.(http://fringetatters.ca/tat-days/tatting-drop-ins/)
We can help get the word out, if you let us know the details.
Tat 'n Chats
1. The next Tat 'n Chat is in Kitchener on Sunday March 13 from 11am - 3 pm. Bring your current project or UFO's and your lunch.
2. Sunday May 1 from 11am - 4pm, a Tat 'n Chat is planned for northwest London.
Bring a current project.
If you are interested in joining us for either of these Tat 'n Chats, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will forward the details to you. (put Tat 'n Chat in the subject line).
New Tatting Exchange
We have had a lot of fun with the past few exchanges .... several ladies from New South Wales, Australia joined in one, members from across Canada, England and the United States are getting involved - why not you ?? Some members are beginning to try their hand at designing things but many just use favourite patterns from tatting books they enjoy. The people who participated in the Snowflake exchange were very excited about the 'flake' they received - one was blue (it was cold that day !), others were beaded, some came in pairs .......you can see some of these items at: www.FringeTatters.ca/exchanges/
The new exchange is My Favourite Thing About Spring ........ this has a lot of possibilities ....... celebrations of Easter and Passover ........ the return to warmer weather and favourite flowers ... new life - bunnies, chicks, eggs ... St. Patrick's Day shamrocks ..... longer days ...... let me know if you have other ideas that can be sent along to the participants .....
Dates : If you wish to participate, respond to this e-mail by March 21.
(in subject line put EXCHANGE, please don't resend the whole newsletter)
A name will be sent to you by March 28.
Tatting is to be completed and received by your recipient no later than April 29.
Isn't it great that winter is slowly departing and some of the tatting weekends are approaching,
(one of my favourite things about Spring). The Finger Lakes Tatting Group in Lodi, NY and the Shuttlebirds in Spokane, WA are hosting events in April.
Now for Spring cleaning or Spring tatting ? This is a choice ?



January 18, 2011

Hi Everyone - Happy New Year
Here it is January and the long cold months of winter are still ahead of us - although one wishes they weren't ! Our friends in Australia are now enjoying a summer of very hot and very wet conditions.
A Call for Hearts .......
Is your membership up to date ????
When was the last time you sent in a small heart to keep your membership in ‘good heart standing' ???
We have posted a couple of small, simple heart designs on our website that you can use - just go to: www.fringetatters.ca/membership/.
We need LOTS of hearts because we will be attending the London Embroiderer's Guild weekend in May and want to be able to distribute hearts to generate interest in tatting.
All hearts need to be sent to Ruth M., request her address if you don't have it.
Tatting Exchange
To keep your fingers even busier now that they're limbered up from making small hearts, how about another tatting exchange ?????
This year the Fringe will focus on My Favourite Things .........
For this exchange you will be making - My Favourite Snowflake.
*** You need to let us know by January 25 that you wish to participate (send an e-mail back to this gmail address with the subject line - exchange). ***
You will be given the name of the person you will make your snowflake for by January 31 and flakes need to reach their destination NO LATER than February 25. This is a quick turn-around because snowflakes melt !!!! Besides, if it is your favourite it shouldn't take long to make and send.
If you really want to get busy tatting, you can request more than one person to send to and receive from BUT keep in mind, all of your flakes must reach their recipients by the deadline.
Upcoming Events
It's early yet but there are 4 great tatting events this year that we are aware of.
The Finger Lakes Tatting Group weekend (in the Hector/Lodi area of New York) is being held on April 2 - 3, 2011 As soon as the details become available, we'll post them at:
Later that month, the Shuttlebirds in Spokane, Washington are celebrating their 15th Annual Tatting Days and Workshop on the April 15 - 16, 2011. Registration is now open. Check out their website at: http://www.shuttlebirds.com/workshop2011.shtml
We hope you are already planning to join the Fringe Element Tatters for another fun weekend in Cambridge, Ontario on September 23 - 24, 2011. We are working on the details and will have our Fringe Registration Form available in May at: www.fringetatters.ca
If you're going to be in the southern States, the Palmetto Tatters in Toccoa, Georgia will be hosting their tat weekend on September 23 - 24, 2011. Check www.palmettotatters.org for more information.
If you know of any other events, please let us know so we can spread the word and please share this e-news with tatting friends.
Keep warm and happy tatting until the next time .....
The Fringe